February 3, 2009

Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts (valentine gifts)

valentine gifts

Valentine's Day celebrates romance. It is only natural that you celebrate the occasion by giving your spouse a romantic Valentine's Day gift. However, this is often not as simple as it sounds. Many dads find it very difficult to think up something appropriate and relevant.

Here is a list of some romantic Valentine's Day gift ideas:

1. Have a candlelight dinner-with a difference: A quiet candlelight dinner is a popular romantic Valentine's Day gift. However, instead of going to the same old restaurant again, how about adding an exciting twist to this? You can arrange to do this in your home or even set up the table in your lawn. You can even be adventurous and plan your dinner on a beach, with the waves lapping your feet and the brilliant night sky overhead.

2. Make up a song for her: Compose a song for your spouse. It is important that you write the lyrics and score the music yourself. Record this and play it for her. "Don't worry, even if you are a bad singer, you can be sure she will be touched.

3. Do something novel: Doing something you have never done before can be exciting. Surprise your spouse with an opportunity to do something new, like going up in a hot air balloon. With you by her side, it is sure to be a very romantic Valentine's Day gift for her.

4. Have a joint massage session: Ever thought of gifting your spouse a spa massage certificate? Instead, arrange to enroll both of you for massage lessons. You can then practice it on each other and perfect your skills-the perfect romantic Valentine's Day gift for both of you.

5. Buy her some lingerie: Either take her along to shop for it or buy it as a surprise her. Either way it is sure to make a sexy romantic Valentine's Day gift.

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valentine gifts