February 3, 2009

Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts (valentine gifts)

valentine gifts

Valentine's Day celebrates romance. It is only natural that you celebrate the occasion by giving your spouse a romantic Valentine's Day gift. However, this is often not as simple as it sounds. Many dads find it very difficult to think up something appropriate and relevant.

Here is a list of some romantic Valentine's Day gift ideas:

1. Have a candlelight dinner-with a difference: A quiet candlelight dinner is a popular romantic Valentine's Day gift. However, instead of going to the same old restaurant again, how about adding an exciting twist to this? You can arrange to do this in your home or even set up the table in your lawn. You can even be adventurous and plan your dinner on a beach, with the waves lapping your feet and the brilliant night sky overhead.

2. Make up a song for her: Compose a song for your spouse. It is important that you write the lyrics and score the music yourself. Record this and play it for her. "Don't worry, even if you are a bad singer, you can be sure she will be touched.

3. Do something novel: Doing something you have never done before can be exciting. Surprise your spouse with an opportunity to do something new, like going up in a hot air balloon. With you by her side, it is sure to be a very romantic Valentine's Day gift for her.

4. Have a joint massage session: Ever thought of gifting your spouse a spa massage certificate? Instead, arrange to enroll both of you for massage lessons. You can then practice it on each other and perfect your skills-the perfect romantic Valentine's Day gift for both of you.

5. Buy her some lingerie: Either take her along to shop for it or buy it as a surprise her. Either way it is sure to make a sexy romantic Valentine's Day gift.

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valentine gifts

February 2, 2009

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Your Dad (valentine gifts)

valentine gifts

Valentine's Day is the time to express our feelings for the people we love. It is thus a great occasion to acknowledge our love for our dads-for all that they do for us. Selecting a gift for your dad need not be difficult. If you know your dad well, you can easily select a Valentine's Day gift for him that will be meaningful to him.

Here are some general tips on selecting Valentine's Day gifts for him:

1. Ask your dad what he would like: Items generally advertised as ideal for dads may not necessarily be the best for your dad. Specifically keep in mind your dad's likes and dislikes while looking for a Valentine's Day gift for him. The easiest way would be to ask him. You could do this indirectly by suggesting some gift ideas and asking him what he thinks about them.

2. Learn about his hobbies: What can be better than a Valentine's Day gift for him that has something to do with his hobbies? Whether it is a carpentry tool set or a telescope, you can be sure he will use your gift often.

3. Give him something with you in it: Your dad will love whatever you give him because it is from you. After all, you do mean more to him than anything else. The best Valentine's Day gift for him would be something you have made. It could be a bookrack that you made especially for him or a sweater that you knit for him.

4. Join him in what he likes: Do something with your dad that he will enjoy, whether it is accompanying him to a movie or joining him for a game of chess.

5. Give him a gift certificate: If you are still not sure about the ideal Valentine's Day gift for him, simply gift your dad a gift certificate that will allow him to pick up a gift of his choice. Do offer to go around with him and help him to select it.

Paul Banas is a founder of GreatDad.com. If you are a new dad, you want to make sure you do everything to make this a memorable day. There is no limit to your options-you know your baby best and can find things to do that you and your baby will both enjoy. Your baby's first Valentine's Day is special.

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February 1, 2009

Unusual Valentine's Gifts For the Husband Who Has Everything (valentine gifts)

valentine gifts

Just when you thought you could sit back and relax after weeks of holiday shopping, it's time for Valentine's Day. If you had a tough time coming up with something that was a little out of the ordinary for your husband for Christmas, the thought of shopping for Valentine's Day could be stressful...especially if you're looking for another unusual gift for him. Well, it doesn't have to be.

Consider giving him unique gift experiences. Whether he prefers to do things on land or on water, you can get him some really exciting gifts. For the laid back water lover you can find ultimate fishing experiences complete with lessons and guided tours. For the adventurer, get your husband up close and personal with the largest great white sharks in America. For the landlubber, you can get him one of dozens of unique gift experiences on land. Buy your husband a golf gift experience where he can play 9 holes or ramp up his experience with three days of golf school. For the husband who has the 'need for speed' there are driving experiences from drag racing to stock car late model racing.

The hardest part about finding a unique Valentine's Day gift for a man will be deciding which gift experience to give your husband. The best part of this gift is that your husband can choose the date and time to enjoy his gift experience - there's no worrying about choosing a date and then finding out that it doesn't fit his schedule.

For a fun and unusual Valentine's Day gift of another type, buy your husband a little bit of America by purchasing a deed to land in all of the fifty nifty United States. For less than twenty dollars, you can give your husband a deed to a square inch of land in each of the fifty states.

These deeds are bought via email, ready to be printed and framed. The deed you purchase for your husband is an individually numbered deed giving your husband ownership of a little bit of America without ever having to set foot outside his door - and he'll never hear you say "Honey, the lawn needs to be cut!"

Though your husband won't be able to build a retirement nest for two on his land, it's a great conversation starter. What can you do with your deed? Not much more than mount it on a plaque and hang it on the wall in your home or office. But it's a special Valentine's Day gift that requires no effort, no maintenance and there are no property taxes to worry about!

Take the hassle out of finding the right Valentine's Day gift for your husband this year by getting him a piece of America or an adventure he'll never forget!

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