January 23, 2009

Top 10 Valentine Gifts For Boyfriends (valentine gifts)

valentine gifts

Trouble finding the right gifts for boyfriend this Valentine's Day? Make him smile by getting him one of the 10 wonderful presents we have gathered for you:

  1. Ninetendo Wii. This interactive video game system is a perfect present for every man who loves adventure and games. Add some exciting consoles and his day will be complete.
  2. Tickets, tickets, and tickets. Very fitting gifts for boyfriends addicted to sports are tickets to his favorite games like NBA, NFL or hockey. It might be quite expensive but it's really worth the deal. Try getting him a jersey of his favorite team in case you're short of money.
  3. Sexy Perfume. Give him the gift of sensual scent by buying him a scent of his favorite perfume. You can also get him something new to try on. Be careful though for he may not like it.
  4. Flip Video MinoHD Camcorder, 60 Minutes. In the world where YouTube is really hot, give your boyfriend a chance to capture special and trivial moments in HD. It is the world's smallest HD camcorder weighing only 3.3 ounce. Yet, it can hold an hour of HD quality videos with its 4GB built-in memory.
  5. Apple iPod touch. What could be sexier than the sleekest iPod ever to come out in the market? iPod touch has longer battery life, built-in speaker, and Wi-Fi connection.
  6. Blu-ray DVD Player. For men who love to watch and repeat the best movies 24/7 then a Blu-ray DVD player will put a big smile on his face. Unlike a regular DVD player, you can see movies in high definition while enjoying a popcorn together.
  7. Universal Remote Control. A perfect combination for a brand new Blu-ray DVD player is this universal remote control so he won't have to keep multiple remotes for all his gadgets. Make his life simple so he can focus more on you.
  8. Garmin nuvi 760 4.3-Inch-inch GPS. You know what they say, men don't ask for directions. And he doesn't have to with this very user-friendly widescreen GPS navigator preloaded with maps of U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.
  9. Watch. Give him something useful with this piece of jewelry that he can use everywhere he goes every single day. Add a more personalized touch by having it engraved. It can be his name, your name or sweet nothings.
  10. Gift Basket. It is a cliche that the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. You know what, it still works like magic. Fill your basket with his favorite food or snack. It can even be a beer basket filled with his favorite alcoholic drinks. Take it in moderation of course.

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valentine gifts

January 21, 2009

4 Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas (valentine gifts)

valentine gifts

Before I unveil to you Valentine's Day gift ideas, I will like to tell you the history of Valentine's Day. A priest by name Valentine disobeyed one of the rules of Roman Emperor Claudius II then; the law was that every soldier should not marry.

He disobeyed the law by organizing marriage rites amongst the soldiers and their ladies, their elders discovered what Valentine was doing and locked him up in a prison. Even with all these, he married any lady that visited him while he was in prison secretly with the one they love. Valentine has the believe that no one should stand in the way of love. This made him to receive sainthood for his tough instinct. The story is a romantic one. That was how Valentine's Day cam about as a day for the celebration of love.

It's a day to show your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend that you truly love them. All over the world, it's a popular day and it's even celebrated amongst Muslims, not just Christians. If you want to show someone that you truly love and care for them, the best day to prove it is on Valentine's Day and they are going to appreciate it more than any other day. It's not only made for lovers or couples, it goes beyond that to include your relatives and friends. You should give your teachers, co-workers, family members, and neighbors' gifts and exchange valentine greetings between each other.

No matter what you wish to give them, it's necessary to make it special, unique and lovely. Make out time to consider what is best for her; let it be something you know she loves. I tell you, if you do this you will make her remember you for a long time, if not forever. Even if you've there is any wrong you've done to her, she might even use that opportunity to forgive you if you ask for one. I have compiled some of the most loved Valentine's Day gift ideas for both men and women you might consider to give the one you love one.


Flowers show a sign of an affair that will continue to grow. Flowers are mostly given to the ladies, though it can also be given to men. You can give either one long stem of rose or one dozen of carnations, it depend on what you can afford at the moment. She will appreciate this gift and most of all you will provide a home decoration for her at home which will act as a symbol of your presence there. Giving a flower that she accepts is like allowing you into her heart. This is so because she is going to keep it in her home which will act as reminder of you whenever she sees it. Appease your wife or girlfriend by sending her red roses on the day of Valentine. Keep in mind the convention significance of flowers. Red roses signify romantic love, they are the valentine roses. If the receiver fell in love with you at first sight, purple roses shows this. The rose that signifies desire is the orange and coral ones. Yellow roses signify joy and friendship. Let her be able to read your mind through the flower you sent.


Sending your pals a packet of chocolate covered in a box similar to the shape of the heart is one of the best valentine gift for friends. A packet of chocolate or homemade loveable sent to your pals will make their valentine day special because most people love chocolate more than anything; your pals are going to appreciate this.


Some feel is hard to find a perfect gift for someone that has almost everything you can think of in life. By sending him a fine themed gift, you will make the gift you gave more precious than their luxury. Even if he doesn't acknowledge it openly, just know he's gonna add it to the stuffs he cherish. It's not bad if you buy tie as a gift to your man this Valentine's day. In a potential affair, send them a tie to show that you like their choice of style. If he puts the tie on and someone compliments about it, it will make him proud and he will always keep you in mind for this.


You can spoil your partner with luxury if you plan to invest in something lavish. Buying them jewelry is a way to express your deep commitment to the one you love.

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valentine gifts

January 20, 2009

Valentine's Day Gifts - Five Reasons Why the Teddy Bear is Always a Winner (valentine gifts)

valentine gifts

Another Valentine's Day is coming up, and it's time to plan the perfect day for you and your sweetheart. This isn't always easy, so that's why this article is here to help you with the gift portion of the evening.

A teddy bear is the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, and it does a great job showing how special you feel your significant other is. Whether you want to get them a teddy bear on its own, or pair the stuffed bear with something, like flowers, nothing says "I love you better." Here are some tips to help you put together the perfect Valentine's day, along with five reasons why teddy bears are the perfect gifts.

1 - Very Romantic

There is nothing that personifies romance quite like a teddy bear and a bouquet of flowers. This is the archetypal "I love you" gift for a reason, and will therefore convey your strong feelings perfectly. It also has the added benefit of being a flexible gift. You can buy a stuffed animal and the flowers together in one package, or you can buy them separately and customize everything. If you customize you can get any flowers you want, in any size you want, and you can get a teddy bear that fits your needs. For example, get their favorite flowers with a teddy bear in their favorite color!

2 - Lots of Fun

A special occasion like Valentine's Day should always be as fun as possible, which is another reason a teddy bear, is a such a great gift. You can make a great statement with the bear, and really make your significant other laugh. Here's an example, though remember, if you use your imagination you can do all kinds of things! Get a few red ribbons that are holiday appropriate and tie them around a nice teddy bear in such a way that they look like ropes. Then get a card and write "I'm a prisoner of your love!" This will be sure to get a laugh, as well as being an adorable sentiment. You can do a variance on this too if you have a bigger budget by getting a piece of jewelry like a gold or silver chain and wrapping it around the bear. Then your sweetheart will have two great presents in one great package.

This idea can also be personalized if your significant other has a favorite animal, because there's no rule that says you absolutely have to get a teddy bear. Maybe they'd prefer a plush cat, stuffed tiger, or some other stuffed animal. The more you personalize the present to their hobbies, likes, or personality, the more well received the gift will be.

3 - Customizable for Every Budget

Luckily for our pocketbooks, teddy bears are an item that can easily fit any budget. Depending on brand and size, they can vary from 10 dollars to 500 dollars. And as mentioned with the chain idea above, you can pair them with many other items for a truly special, but still affordable gift. You can keep things small and cute, or you can really go all out and get them a 90 inch teddy for an extravagant gift.

4 - They Make a Great Keepsake

Candy and chocolates are great, but teddy bears have the added benefit of sticking around after Valentine's, so we will have a constant memento of a special day. This way, your sweetheart will always remember how much you care for them.

Here's another fun idea. Give your significant other a teddy bear that is holding a bottle opener. They may be confused at first, but then you should pull out a nice bottle of champagne or wine from behind you. Make a toast to the two of you and your sweetheart will certainly remember such a cute stunt with the bear around to remind them.

5 - A Classic Gift for a Reason

Practically no other gift embodies Valentine's Day and the concept of love like a teddy bear! There's a reason this classic gift has never gone out of style, and never will. Teddy bears are sweet, cuddly, and sentimental, making them the perfect gift to commemorate such an adorable day.

6 - Bonus Reason!

Even people who are without a sweetheart can enjoy getting or giving a teddy bear on Valentine's Day. Give them to your friends and family for a thoughtful gift to show that you are thinking about them. After all, a teddy bear doesn't always have to symbolize just romantic love. It can represent love of all kinds, and still be appropriate and much appreciated!

Remember, no matter what kind of love, a teddy bear will make a great gift for Valentine's Day! It's a consistently classic gift that can be romantic, fun, affordable and a great way to mark a special memory. A teddy bear will be sure to make your Valentine's Day extra special!

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valentine gifts

Last Minute Valentine Gifts ( valentine gifts)

Valentine Gifts

Last Minute Valentine Gifts that we present here are ideas for gifts that can be acquired in next to no time. Some come at no cost, some are homemade, some unique, some traditional, and some immaterial. Just take your pick.

Gifts come in different shapes and sizes, but more importantly, they come in different types too. A gift for a man is often quite different from a gift for a woman. A gift for a spouse could be pretty different from a gift for someone you are dating.

Here we present you with a wide selection of last minute valentine gifts ideas for the one you love. Try to make it as personal, as unique, as you can, because it's the thought that often counts more than the price or size of the gift.


  • poem written by you, printed on photo-paper - either framed, or cut to make it as a bookmark or coaster or mouse pad...
  • bookmark with a personal picture and/or quote/poem - designed in photo editor and printed on photo paper
  • video with you doing that thing (s)he loves - dance...
  • coupon for/or your special service - massage...
  • self-made compilation CD with favorite love songs
  • revived old T-shirt with a personal picture or message printed first on textile foil and then printed on the T-shirt by ironing


  • Foreplay Game
  • Favorite hobby accessory
  • Painting
  • Love poem - framed or on a poster
  • Online course - How to consistently give a woman full body orgasm


  • Fragrance
  • Sex toy
  • Boxer briefs or lingerie
  • Sweets
  • CD with songs related to love
  • Erotic or romantic DVD
  • Ticket to her/his favorite show or game
  • Gift certificate from a local cosmetic salon for any of the following: professional massage, day at a spa, manicure, pedicure, facial
  • Book with a love theme
  • Necktie - in some cultures there is a covert meaning in giving a necktie to a man. It's a hint you want to tie the knot with him, or have a tight relationship with him.
  • Fashion accessories - jewelry, scarf, watch...

Last Minute Valentine Gifts as Experience

No time to buy a present? How about doing something for your loved one as a way of giving. Gifts come in many splendid forms.

The things you do for your sweetheart to make her/him feel special go a long way in a person's heart. Instead of a product, you could give her/him a special service or go to a place you both love to boost the romance - ideal as last minute valentine gifts.

Here are some ideas to get you going - select the best experience as the things to do for valentines day, things you do either to her/him or together:


  • breakfast in bed with a special touch
  • make heart-shaped bread toast for breakfast with hot chocolate dip
  • write a small love note with a romantic message and place it besides her/ his bed, or in her/his purse...
  • make a path of rose petals or potpourri
  • fill her/his bath tub with rose petals
  • call your favorite radio station and dedicate a song to your love
  • perform a special act - dance for him, sing and/or play under her balcony, recite your poem or Shakespeare's love sonnet
  • organize a romantic treasure hunt
  • full body or foot massage, or back rub
  • kiss in a special way
  • decorate the house for the special occasion. Implement smart tricks for creating the mood for romance. Dim lights, light music, romantic songs and most importantly dress up
  • write a romantic, passionate, handwritten, heartfelt love letter
  • do a house chore instead of her/him
  • send her/him a romantic text message
  • steam up the bathroom and write a romantic message on the mirror for your partner to read when she/he uses the bathroom.

Wishing you a loving Valentine's day with the help of Last Minute Valentine Gifts!

Written by Natalija Domin, a member of multimedia artists team Talidari with over 20 years of experience with arts, wellness and love. For more on last minute Valentine gifts- homemade, unique, and traditional - visit http://www.talidari.net/last-minute-valentine-gifts.html There, you will also get the gifts, such as e-book with 101 romantic ideas, top-production videos, arty pictures, romantic poems, resources, and much more.

Valentine Gifts

Oh No! Don't Forgot to Send Flowers on Valentines Day (valentine gift)

valentine gift

Valentine's Day is a special day for lovers to show their love and affection for each other. On this special day many will show their feelings for their partner with tokens and gifts of love however, on Valentine's Day you must remember that flowers are one of the most important gifts to give someone. Flowers add excitement and create a mood of romance on this special day. All over the world today delivery of flowers has never been so easy, with just a click of your mouse you can have flowers delivered to your loved one in no time, it is easy to find florist flower delivery; California has such a place.

There are so many flowers sent and received on Valentine's Day that prices can become quiet high. Oft times, those that wait to the last minute to send flowers for Valentine's will find that they have little to choose from. You can avoid this rush, lack of choices and the extra costs involved by ordering your flowers early. Many places have florists that will offer for early orders, discount flower delivery. Pittsburgh is among these places. Many floral delivery services have delivery tracking available so that you can follow your gifts all the way through to their destination. With this you can ensure that your significant other will receive fresh flowers in a very short time.

Most people prefer sending roses for Valentine's. Many flowers send the message of love and romance so don't be afraid to try something new this year that will surprise your love. When you are choosing to have flowers delivered to your loved one, you should make sure that you are choosing flowers that they will enjoy. Although red roses may be the flower of choice for Valentine's Day, your romantic partner may prefer white to red or pink to white...or they may prefer another flower or arrangement altogether. So make sure that you aren't just buying flowers because it's Valentine's Day, buy the flowers that you know they will love as much as you love sending them.

Don't forget that part of the Valentine's love package is to craft a very loving and heartfelt message to accompany the flowers making it an even more romantic and memorable occasion. Also keep in mind that flowers can be sent in a number of ways, from a big bunch to a single flower and just about anything you can imagine in between.

Valentine's Day is a very busy period for very many florists, so to get the best and quickest service ensure you make advance arrangements and you look for services like the discount florist flower delivery. California florists can help you to reflect your sincerest thoughts towards that special someone on Valentine's Day. Some of the florist will even have other gifts that can be delivered along your floral selection, such as balloons, candy and even lovable teddy bears. You don't have to be in another city, town or country to place your Valentine's florist flower delivery. A California florist can help you to make the day even more memorable, romantic and extra special for the two of you even when they are in your hometown.

So now you know what you must do to make your loved one happy.
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Choose the Best Valentine's Gift (valentine gift)

valentine gift

These days valentine celebration is not limited upto your beloved but people celebrate it with friends, family and co-workers too.

With the spread of the culture of Valentines Day all over the world and with all your loved ones, February becomes one of the busiest month for both the buyers and sellers of Valentine's Day gifts.
The best valentine gift can be determined by a single factor that how well you know your valentine. For example, if you are too close in the relationship and know each other well then perfume/cologne is one among the popular Valentine's Day gift but it might not be best gift for everyone.

If you are celebrating your valentine's day with your co-workers, the best option can be gift basket. The gifts' shops are flooded with the variety of gifts baskets like fruit basket, candy baskets, etc. wrapped with beautiful ribbons for fresh and awesome look.
Valentine jewellery which can be used as the valentine gift to your love. Be it pendent, ring or bracelet, giving the gift of jewels will be highly romantic and appreciated specially when it is for someone special or if you are celebrating the first valentine with someone special.

Apart from these, the evergreen valentine gifts are flowers, chocolates, cards and balloons. These are the best options for anyone and everyone. You can choose any of these for your friends, family, co-workers and loved ones. Flowers' being the symbol of emotions and love is the mostly used by the couples of all ages to gift each other and show their great love. Chocolates, Cards and balloons are not only affordable valentine's gifts but they are also easy to buy specially for those who do the last minute shopping.

The options of valentine's gifts given above might not be best for everyone and so it is very important to know the individual and his/her likings and taste so that you can choose the perfect valentine days gifts for him/her.

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