January 21, 2009

4 Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas (valentine gifts)

valentine gifts

Before I unveil to you Valentine's Day gift ideas, I will like to tell you the history of Valentine's Day. A priest by name Valentine disobeyed one of the rules of Roman Emperor Claudius II then; the law was that every soldier should not marry.

He disobeyed the law by organizing marriage rites amongst the soldiers and their ladies, their elders discovered what Valentine was doing and locked him up in a prison. Even with all these, he married any lady that visited him while he was in prison secretly with the one they love. Valentine has the believe that no one should stand in the way of love. This made him to receive sainthood for his tough instinct. The story is a romantic one. That was how Valentine's Day cam about as a day for the celebration of love.

It's a day to show your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend that you truly love them. All over the world, it's a popular day and it's even celebrated amongst Muslims, not just Christians. If you want to show someone that you truly love and care for them, the best day to prove it is on Valentine's Day and they are going to appreciate it more than any other day. It's not only made for lovers or couples, it goes beyond that to include your relatives and friends. You should give your teachers, co-workers, family members, and neighbors' gifts and exchange valentine greetings between each other.

No matter what you wish to give them, it's necessary to make it special, unique and lovely. Make out time to consider what is best for her; let it be something you know she loves. I tell you, if you do this you will make her remember you for a long time, if not forever. Even if you've there is any wrong you've done to her, she might even use that opportunity to forgive you if you ask for one. I have compiled some of the most loved Valentine's Day gift ideas for both men and women you might consider to give the one you love one.


Flowers show a sign of an affair that will continue to grow. Flowers are mostly given to the ladies, though it can also be given to men. You can give either one long stem of rose or one dozen of carnations, it depend on what you can afford at the moment. She will appreciate this gift and most of all you will provide a home decoration for her at home which will act as a symbol of your presence there. Giving a flower that she accepts is like allowing you into her heart. This is so because she is going to keep it in her home which will act as reminder of you whenever she sees it. Appease your wife or girlfriend by sending her red roses on the day of Valentine. Keep in mind the convention significance of flowers. Red roses signify romantic love, they are the valentine roses. If the receiver fell in love with you at first sight, purple roses shows this. The rose that signifies desire is the orange and coral ones. Yellow roses signify joy and friendship. Let her be able to read your mind through the flower you sent.


Sending your pals a packet of chocolate covered in a box similar to the shape of the heart is one of the best valentine gift for friends. A packet of chocolate or homemade loveable sent to your pals will make their valentine day special because most people love chocolate more than anything; your pals are going to appreciate this.


Some feel is hard to find a perfect gift for someone that has almost everything you can think of in life. By sending him a fine themed gift, you will make the gift you gave more precious than their luxury. Even if he doesn't acknowledge it openly, just know he's gonna add it to the stuffs he cherish. It's not bad if you buy tie as a gift to your man this Valentine's day. In a potential affair, send them a tie to show that you like their choice of style. If he puts the tie on and someone compliments about it, it will make him proud and he will always keep you in mind for this.


You can spoil your partner with luxury if you plan to invest in something lavish. Buying them jewelry is a way to express your deep commitment to the one you love.

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valentine gifts

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