January 20, 2009

Valentine's Day Gifts - Five Reasons Why the Teddy Bear is Always a Winner (valentine gifts)

valentine gifts

Another Valentine's Day is coming up, and it's time to plan the perfect day for you and your sweetheart. This isn't always easy, so that's why this article is here to help you with the gift portion of the evening.

A teddy bear is the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, and it does a great job showing how special you feel your significant other is. Whether you want to get them a teddy bear on its own, or pair the stuffed bear with something, like flowers, nothing says "I love you better." Here are some tips to help you put together the perfect Valentine's day, along with five reasons why teddy bears are the perfect gifts.

1 - Very Romantic

There is nothing that personifies romance quite like a teddy bear and a bouquet of flowers. This is the archetypal "I love you" gift for a reason, and will therefore convey your strong feelings perfectly. It also has the added benefit of being a flexible gift. You can buy a stuffed animal and the flowers together in one package, or you can buy them separately and customize everything. If you customize you can get any flowers you want, in any size you want, and you can get a teddy bear that fits your needs. For example, get their favorite flowers with a teddy bear in their favorite color!

2 - Lots of Fun

A special occasion like Valentine's Day should always be as fun as possible, which is another reason a teddy bear, is a such a great gift. You can make a great statement with the bear, and really make your significant other laugh. Here's an example, though remember, if you use your imagination you can do all kinds of things! Get a few red ribbons that are holiday appropriate and tie them around a nice teddy bear in such a way that they look like ropes. Then get a card and write "I'm a prisoner of your love!" This will be sure to get a laugh, as well as being an adorable sentiment. You can do a variance on this too if you have a bigger budget by getting a piece of jewelry like a gold or silver chain and wrapping it around the bear. Then your sweetheart will have two great presents in one great package.

This idea can also be personalized if your significant other has a favorite animal, because there's no rule that says you absolutely have to get a teddy bear. Maybe they'd prefer a plush cat, stuffed tiger, or some other stuffed animal. The more you personalize the present to their hobbies, likes, or personality, the more well received the gift will be.

3 - Customizable for Every Budget

Luckily for our pocketbooks, teddy bears are an item that can easily fit any budget. Depending on brand and size, they can vary from 10 dollars to 500 dollars. And as mentioned with the chain idea above, you can pair them with many other items for a truly special, but still affordable gift. You can keep things small and cute, or you can really go all out and get them a 90 inch teddy for an extravagant gift.

4 - They Make a Great Keepsake

Candy and chocolates are great, but teddy bears have the added benefit of sticking around after Valentine's, so we will have a constant memento of a special day. This way, your sweetheart will always remember how much you care for them.

Here's another fun idea. Give your significant other a teddy bear that is holding a bottle opener. They may be confused at first, but then you should pull out a nice bottle of champagne or wine from behind you. Make a toast to the two of you and your sweetheart will certainly remember such a cute stunt with the bear around to remind them.

5 - A Classic Gift for a Reason

Practically no other gift embodies Valentine's Day and the concept of love like a teddy bear! There's a reason this classic gift has never gone out of style, and never will. Teddy bears are sweet, cuddly, and sentimental, making them the perfect gift to commemorate such an adorable day.

6 - Bonus Reason!

Even people who are without a sweetheart can enjoy getting or giving a teddy bear on Valentine's Day. Give them to your friends and family for a thoughtful gift to show that you are thinking about them. After all, a teddy bear doesn't always have to symbolize just romantic love. It can represent love of all kinds, and still be appropriate and much appreciated!

Remember, no matter what kind of love, a teddy bear will make a great gift for Valentine's Day! It's a consistently classic gift that can be romantic, fun, affordable and a great way to mark a special memory. A teddy bear will be sure to make your Valentine's Day extra special!

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valentine gifts

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