February 2, 2009

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Your Dad (valentine gifts)

valentine gifts

Valentine's Day is the time to express our feelings for the people we love. It is thus a great occasion to acknowledge our love for our dads-for all that they do for us. Selecting a gift for your dad need not be difficult. If you know your dad well, you can easily select a Valentine's Day gift for him that will be meaningful to him.

Here are some general tips on selecting Valentine's Day gifts for him:

1. Ask your dad what he would like: Items generally advertised as ideal for dads may not necessarily be the best for your dad. Specifically keep in mind your dad's likes and dislikes while looking for a Valentine's Day gift for him. The easiest way would be to ask him. You could do this indirectly by suggesting some gift ideas and asking him what he thinks about them.

2. Learn about his hobbies: What can be better than a Valentine's Day gift for him that has something to do with his hobbies? Whether it is a carpentry tool set or a telescope, you can be sure he will use your gift often.

3. Give him something with you in it: Your dad will love whatever you give him because it is from you. After all, you do mean more to him than anything else. The best Valentine's Day gift for him would be something you have made. It could be a bookrack that you made especially for him or a sweater that you knit for him.

4. Join him in what he likes: Do something with your dad that he will enjoy, whether it is accompanying him to a movie or joining him for a game of chess.

5. Give him a gift certificate: If you are still not sure about the ideal Valentine's Day gift for him, simply gift your dad a gift certificate that will allow him to pick up a gift of his choice. Do offer to go around with him and help him to select it.

Paul Banas is a founder of GreatDad.com. If you are a new dad, you want to make sure you do everything to make this a memorable day. There is no limit to your options-you know your baby best and can find things to do that you and your baby will both enjoy. Your baby's first Valentine's Day is special.

valentine gifts

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