January 27, 2009

Top 10 Valentine's Day Gifts (valentine gifts)

valentine gifts

Valentine's Day is a wonderful way to remind us all how precious love is. Make this a special day for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or lover. The traditional Valentine's day gifts are greeting cards, from the romantic to the hilarious, fresh Valentines day flowers of all kinds, and, of course, chocolates. Intimate gifts like lingerie and jewelry are great when appropriate for your relationship.

When Valentines day falls on a weekend, consider a quick romantic vacation getaway. Find a cozy bed & breakfast (B&B), or a nice resort hotel within a short drive of your home. Toss a bunch of rose petals on the bed, hide some chocolates under the pillow, hang a new piece of sexy lingerie in the closet, use your imagination! A quick reminder, Valentines day falls on Saturday in 2009!

A nice dinner in her favorite restaurant, or perhaps where you had your first dinner date, or if you are feeling particularly brave, a dinner that you cook will always be appreciated. Enjoy a nice bottle of wine with your dinner!

Ladies usually enjoy a day at the spa, so get her a gift certificate to a local spa and let her enjoy a massage, facial, body scrub, and whatever else they offer. Last but certainly not least, write her a love letter. Tell her why you think she is the greatest woman in the world and why she makes your life great.

The top 10 Valentines Day gift ideas are:

1) Flowers. Order Valentines day flowers at least several days in advance for delivery on Valentines day to ensure the arrangement you select is available.

2) Chocolate. Chocolates stimulate endorphins in the brain and also help put her in the mood.

3) Jewelry. Simple or extravagant, jewelry is a time honored way to say I love you.

4) Dinner. Out on the town, or in your home, enjoy a great meal together and don't let her lift a finger.

5) Spa day for her. Since Valentines day falls on a Saturday in 2009, see if your local spa is open on the weekend.

6) Lingerie. The gift that keeps on giving. Make sure you get the correct size. Go through her underwear drawer if necessary.

7) A love letter. Handwritten and from the heart.

8) A getaway weekend. Take her somewhere special. Plan ahead.

9) A bottle of wine to share. The nectar of the gods.

10) Look into her eyes and tell her you love her.

Mark Snyder is a hopeless romantic and the owner of Top 10 Valentines Gifts and Best Valentines Gifts among other things. Check out these web sites for many more details and suggestions, as well as great deals on Valentine's day flowers, gifts, and jewelry. Do yourself and your loved ones a big favor and really put some thought and effort in Valentine's Day. You will be very glad you did!

valentine gifts

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